Nature Photography in the Garden

Every Spring I let part of my garden lawn grow wild. It’s nothing special, just a few square metres of grass, bordered by mature native hedges and overlooked by several huge veteran Oak trees. In early spring I always get a lovely crop of Meadow Buttercups, Dandelions, Dog Violets, and Common Plantain. Some years I get the odd Cowslip or Cuckoo Flower come up too. Sometimes I get Common Knapweed and Oxeye Daisies. The buttercups are followed by Common Sorrell before the grasses really take over and swamp the whole thing. Then I mow it down again in late June (that’s hard work), and get a nice crop of Red and White Clover, which the Wood Pigeons love.

It’s all good for wildlife. Good for nature photography too. This year I planted some fruit tress around the lawn. Now, I guess, it’s an orchard (in the making). In the winter I will set up a hide and photograph birds.

Here are a few images taken this Spring:-

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