Hello I am Larry, I love nature, I take photos!

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About Me

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in nature. 

I am based near Solihull in the heart of England, where I live with my wife and two children. I have a special interest in photographing wildfowl in flight, and the native flora and fauna to be found in and around the woodlands, hedgerows and grassland of the British countryside. I work my own patch, and don’t follow the crowd!

Having a young family and a very busy full time job in Structural Engineering means that I only get out with my camera at weekends.  I take most of my photographs close to home in the Warwickshire countryside, or slightly further away in Worcestershire or Gloucestershire.

The network of footpaths that criss-crosses the local patchwork landscape of fields, hedgerows and woodland, my local Wildlife Trust nature reserves, private farmland and my large garden offer me lots of opportunities to take photographs. Family holidays, and day trips to other far away nature reserves allow me to photograph coastal subjects, the English countryside, more localised butterflies, dragonflies and wildfowl. 

Due to the growing popularity of nature photography, (which has now become big business), and increased pressure from other photographers I no longer photograph Grey Seals on the beach, Deer parks, Sea bird colonies. I definitely won’t partake in “Pay & Display” or Safari Photography. It’s just not right to keep hounding wild animals in their fragile environments.

Regardless of how good the photo’ opportunity is, the welfare of my subject, and it’s habitat, always comes first. And I genuinely mean always! I am not just saying that to score points, which I have seen other nature photographers do, and then seen them hounding Grey Seal Pups on the beach trying to get ever closer with a wide angle lens! Or, one particular photographer describes himself as ethical and a conservationist, however I have read that he used to put insects in the fridge to subdue them before photography! Or, went out the night before and moved the sleeping butterfly from its resting perch on to a more beautiful pristine flower head ready for the next days photography! They say the camera never lies. Actually, it is the greatest liar of all. Especially, nowadays with the advent of digital photography!

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The images featured on this website are available (with extended captions if required), for commercial reproduction in books, magazines, calendars, leaflets or posters. Reproduction rights for any images are sold for a specific usage and for a specified period, they will be supplied as 300dpi files on CD or DVD (or to suit your requirements). Alternatively they can be emailed individually as Jpeg files (which can be easily converted to TIFF files using the standard industry software). Fees are negotiable and will depend on image use, reproduction size, distribution and print run.

To enquire about purchasing the limited rights to use an image, my terms & conditions or to request a CD with sample TIFF images, please email me via the contact link at the top right of the screen.

Alternatively, many more of my images can be viewed and purchased from Alamy

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Thank you for visiting my website!

All Images are the Copyright © of Larry Corbett. All rights reserved.